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A remake of the well known Space Impact!

With different types of Space Shapes! (space ships pun)

  • Triangles - high firing rate, medium health, medium speed
  • Squares - low firing rate, high health, low speed
  • Circles - low firing rate, low health, high speed
  • Diamonds - medium firing rate, medium health, medium speed

And different types of Powerups!

  • Life - more lives, more love <3
  • Upgrades - either increase firing rate, or more GUNS!
  • Skills - either sloooow zone, or force shield :)

{tab} view options and pause

{h} view help <3

{esc} quit

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If you have comments/suggestions regarding my game, contact me here!

Programming & Art: Jefferson Jadulco

Facebook and Twitter


SpaceShapes-1.0-windows.zip 10 MB

Install instructions

Make sure to extract all the files first before running the game :)))